Colorado loves the outdoors.  Let’s stop the abuse.  Colorado Springs’ nearest ski resort is over 2 hours and 100 miles away.  After battling Highway 24 or I-70, lift ticket prices have risen by over 65% since 2005.  Ormes, by eliminating your drive, prevents over 20,000 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere each year according to the EPA, and not being one of the corporate big dogs, Ormes can bring back affordable lift tickets – making Ormes both the better personal and environmentally responsible choice.

Besides being right, Ormes brings jobs to Colorado Springs in the construction and daily operations of the resort.  Home values in ski areas are markedly higher, and on completion of Ormes home values in Colorado Springs are estimated to rise on average by 20%, that is 15.8B in equity to you.  In addition, Ormes would generate the City of Colorado Springs and state of Colorado over 2.4M in direct and 46M in indirect revenue each year.  Think of the potential school, road, and public service improvements that makes possible.

While Ormes is great for you, CO, and the environment the real focus is the community.  Ormes makes Colorado Springs a mountain town with year round, out-your-door access to Pikes National Forest.  Ormes makes possible youth Nordic and Alpine programs such as slope-style, downhill, and the biathlon.  The next Olympians and X-games gold medalist are here waiting to be discovered.  With night skiing, Ormes makes possible the après work, not to mention adult competitive leagues.  Then there is of course the summer, where Ormes provides quick access for mountain biking, hiking, climbing, and fishing; and a place for community events like weddings, concerts, and races series.  Help us Crowd Fund Ormes!